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Scotland as a nation has been responsible for so many of the world's crucial inventions we rely upon today, without which the world would have been a very different place. The TV, and the telephone are probably the greatest advancements in communication since man learned to talk and write. Nowadays we can virtually talk to anyone on the planet with a mere phone call, and TV has become the most used method of communicating and entertaining to the masses. Medicine has benefited greatly from Scot's too, anaesthesia and sterilisation, two common surgical techniques we nowadays take for granted, revolutionised medicine. Penicillin, the discovery of DNA, and many other things beside can be added to the list of medical accomplishments of Scotland and her inventors. For centuries now Scots have led the way in scientific breakthroughs, from Watt and his Steam Engine in the 18th century right through to the present day, with many new discoveries being made by Scots every year. It is a heritage to be proud of, and one which many Scots aspire to become part of.


Scotland's Input To The World

John Paul Jones, born in Scotland, founded the American Navy.

Alan Pinkerton, born in Glasgow, 1819, founded the world famous detective agency in the U.S.A.

John Campbell from Glasgow founded the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

John Law, born in Edinburgh, founded the Bank of France.

William Paterson, born Dumfries, founded the Bank of England.

James MacDraw from Aberdeen founded New Zealand's first University in Dunedin, 1869.

James McGill born in Glasgow, founded the University in Montreal.

William Smith, born in Thurso, Scotland, founded the Boys Brigade.

Samuel Craig from Inverkeithing founded the Russian Navy.

The first Prime Minister of Australia was Andrew Fisher, born in Lanarkshire , Scotland.

John McDonald, born in Glasgow was the Prime Minister of Canada for nineteen years.

Thomas Brisbane, born on the West Coast of Scotland, was the state governor in Australia, the city of Brisbane was named after him.

James McDonald, born in Dundee , Scotland, was the voice for Mickey Mouse for over 40 years.

Patrick Gordon from Aberdeen was Peter the Great's adviser in Russia.

Robert Louis Stevenson, born Edinburgh, wrote the world famous book Treasure Island.

Charles Cameron from Aberdeen designed many buildings in Leningrad during the reign of Catherine the Great.

Scotland is the only country in the World to invade England twice.

More than half of the defenders of the Alamo were of Scottish decent, among them Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie.

Austin in Texas was built from blueprints from Scotland.



a few facts on my homeland

Welcome to my Scottish page

My aim is to make this page a thought provoking and entertaining a page as possible so your suggestions are welcome. The slow loading of the page is unavoidable but I think you will find it was worth the wait......unless your English of course lol !!


James WattScottish Inventors

William Symington born Lanarkshire, was the first man to propel a boat by steam.

Alexander Fleming, born in Ayrshire, Scotland, discovered penicillin.

Kirkpatrick MacMillan, born Thorhill, Scotland invented the bicycle.

Patrick Ferguson, born Scotland, invented the breech-loading rifle.

John Chalmers, born Dundee, invented the adhesive stamp.

James Watt, born Greenock, Scotland, invented the modern steam engine.

James Simpson, born Bathgate, was the first man to use chloroform.

John Loudon MacAdam, born Ayr, invented tarmac road surface.

Charles MacIntosh, born Glasgow, patented the raincoat.

Mrs Keiller, born Dundee, invented marmalade.

Alexander Graham Bell, born in Edinburgh, invented the telephone.

John Boyd Dunlop, born Scotland, patented the pneumatic tyre.

John Logie Baird, born Helensburgh, invented the television.

John Williams, born Glasgow, developed the vaccine against smallpox.


30 most influential Scots of all time

  • Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor of the Telephone.
  • Alexander Fleming - Discovered Penicillin.
  • James Simpson - Developed first anesthetic - Chloroform.
  • James Watt - Improved Steam Engine.
  • John Logie Baird - Co-inventor of Television.
  • Kirkpatrick Macmillan - Inventor of the Bicycle.
  • St Andrew - Christian martyr.
  • Kenneth I Macalpin - King who united Picts and Scots.
  • John Hume - Philosopher. One of the fathers of Empiricism.
  • Lord Kelvin - Physicist.
  • John Dunlop - Developer of the pneumatic tire.
  • Keir Hardie - Independent Labour Party Leader.
  • James I of England (aka James VI of Scotland) - First King of Scotland and England.
  • John Knox - Founder of Presbyterian Church.
  • John McAdam - developed macadamized method for the paving of roads.
  • Robert the Bruce - King and Soldier. Won the Battle of Bannockburn.
  • David Livingstone - Missionary and Explorer. First white to see Victoria Falls and Zambezi River.
  • Dunus Scotus - Medieval philosopher.
  • Mary Queen of Scots - Scottish Queen.
  • Robert Burns - Writer and Poet. Famous Poem: Auld Lang Syne.
  • Charles I - English king during Civil War.
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie - Pretender to the Throne. Rebel leader.
  • William Wallace - Rebel Leader.
  • Walter Scott - Novelist. Wrote Ivanhoe.
  • Rob Roy Macgregor - Scottish Rebel leader.
  • Ramsey MacDonald - First Labour Party Prime Minister of the UK.
  • James II - Scottish King. Deposed in the Quiet Revolution. A turning point in British history.
  • Robert Louis Stephenson - Novelist. Wrote Treasure Island.
  • Mungo Park - Explorer. Navigated the Niger River.
  • Flora MacDonald - Woman who saved the life of Bonnie Prince Charlie

Wee Facts About Scotland 

Haggis is the national dish of Scotland.

Scotland has the least populated density in Europe.

The furthest you can be from the coast in Scotland is about 50 miles.

The first person mentioned in the Bible is a Scot, King James VI.

The last battle to be fought on British soil was the Battle of Culloden, 1746

Scotland is the only country in Europe that the Romans could not conquer.

Scotland is the only country in the world, that Coca Cola is not the best selling soft drink. Irn Bru made by the Barr company is the best selling soft drink.

The shortest scheduled flight in the world, is Westray to Papa in the Orkneys, 1.5 miles long and takes 1 minute 14 seconds.

Scots were great adventurers even in the early Christian era in Rome, there is an inscription on the walls of one of the Catacombs-" Quid Scoti hic fuerunt". ("The Scots were here").

There are more Scots living in Canada than any other country abroad.

The greatest distance from North to South of Scotland is 275 miles and the greatest width is 154 miles.

There has been more major inventions from the Scots than any other country in the World per head of population.

There are more pipe bands in America than in Scotland.

The guillotine was used in Scotland 200 years before it was used in the French Revolution.

The Lincoln Monument in Edinburgh was the first statue of an American president to be constructed outside the U.S.A. in 1893 in memory of the Scottish soldiers who fought in the American civil war.

The first medical school in North America - the University of Pennsylvania 1765 - was modelled on the medical school at Edinburgh University 1726.

There are over 450 golf courses in Scotland.

The first Airship to cross the Atlantic was built in Scotland.

Theodore Roosevelt said of the Scots " they became the vanguard of our civilisation ".

Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have its own fire service.

7 Scotsmen were in the US 7th Cavalry with General Custer at the Battle Of Little Big Horn on 25 June, 1876.

Johnny Walker Red Label is the worlds largest selling whisky.

The Romans called Scotland, Caledonia.

The Q.E.2 was the largest ship built in Scotland.

Scotland has 787 islands most of which are on the west coast.

St Andrews Golf Course is the oldest in the world.

There are more Scots living outside of Scotland than inside.

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